Sunday, January 31, 2016

Meet Megan! (Better Late than Never!)

Black and white photo of Megan in harness with a black background
 Introducing: Megan the Magnificent

It's true, this is late. Soooo late. Nearly five months late, in fact.  My apologies, friends.  I will do better.

But, when the full passion to write isn't there, and you just don't have the words, it's best to wait until that passion finds its way back and the words pour out of your head freely to write. I promised Chronicles would become more lively soon--and I hope to deliver on that promise!  Sometimes  life gets crazy. When that happens I need to immerse myself in it and wade through it before I am able to step outside and get my bloggin' on again.

Back to the star of the show!

Meet:  Megan the Magnificent!

My first guide dog, Picassa, was set for retirement. We had talked through the particulars, and I had adjusted to the idea emotionally. We decided she would remain in our home as our pet to enjoy her retirement. Guide Dogs for the Blind called me one day, and with about two weeks notice said, "We think we have a match for you!  Can you come to class?!"

In that moment I felt excitement, nervousness, and a bit of shock!  But, when the hubs and I looked at the dates and how it would work, it was actually perfect. The very first detail in a long line that made it seem that this was meant to be.

So, I went, and I shook with nervous energy the first day as I embraced staff I had worked with previously, and met the team I would be working with during my training.  The second day, I paced my room waiting to be introduced to the dog they thought may be my match. I listened through my door (I know, I'm bad) as the other students received their new partners. I giggled at some of their reactions and smiled for ALL of them. And then, the trainer I had already come to adore, knocked on my door and brought me a TINY female black lab!  I knelt down on the floor and she approached me with the excitement and energy of a puppy!  I couldn't believe this tiny little peanut was going to be able to guide me. I seriously wondered if a super long harness handle would be necessary for us to walk side by side. My trainer smiled, "You said you wanted more cuddly, there ya go!"

And there was Megan. Meggie Moo Moo. Megador. Megalicious. The black lab with the unique golden orange eyes, with the face of a puppy, and the heart of an angel. The guide with the energy of a toddler (which is good since together, we would be keeping up with one) and the precision of a master builder (yeah, I'm a Lego movie nerd... And I'm totally ok with that!). And, like her new partner, she has a little bit of attitude, a lot of spunk, and the innate drive to walk the paths of this world at a break-neck pace and the willingness to stop and smell the roses.
Immediately upon meeting Megan, my very first picture of her.

And, there was Megan.

We've been home since mid-September, and like any new partnership we have areas we work on, but overall, she's me in guide-dog form. A perfect match to be my partner, friend, and companion during this chapter of my life. Just like Picassa was a perfect match during that chapter of my life.
Black and white photo of Megan and I walking with the Toddler on my right hip.
So, this sweet girl has been home with us for nearly five months now, and we celebrated her second birthday yesterday!  She may be a little spoiled...  Maybe. But, her job is to selflessly guide me and keep me safe, she walks alongside me, shops with me, explores with me.  She loves my family and is akin to one of my children in my heart and in our home. She's with ME folks, all the time...  Lol.  Anyone who can handle ME all the time  deserves a cake and a cookie (and much more)!

Welcome to my world, Megs!  I'm so glad it was you!

Until next time,

Rainbow image "Nicole"

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