Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Rescue Pup Birthday Party: Planning!

Oh my gosh!  Can I just tell you guys....

I am SOOOOO excited for our daughter's upcoming birthday party!
How excited?!
SOOOOOOO excited!

Not only is she turning TEN, hitting double-digits, and giving us daily glimpses of this amazing young lady she is becoming, but she has made me overwhelmingly proud!  She chose to have her birthday party theme be "dogs" and in talking about it further, she decided she wanted to have HER birthday party AND her gifts, go to the local animal rescue organization we follow and participate in called Coco's Heart Dog Rescue!  If you are in the Minnesota / Wisconsin area (they work with people around the country too!) and on the hunt for a wonderful new fur-baby, please consider Coco's. We have been constantly impressed by the work they do and the number of pets they place in forever homes with great care and attention to quality and a perfect fit.

When the kiddo decided that she would like her party to support Coco's somehow, I hopped to trying to make this happen!  I contacted Angel's Pet World, a local pet store that partners with Coco's often, to see if they might consider the store as a venue for such a party!  We love to shop locally and support local businesses, so we take care of all our pups' needs at Angel's, and with our absolute favorite local dog trainer, Crystal Clear Canine Training, providing classes there, it's a bit of a one-stop shop for us!  We love the staff, the business's commitment to local organizations and participation in community, and the welcoming, homey feel we get when we walk in the door--saying hello to Big Bird when we stop in is a pretty good perk too!
Angel's Pet World logo:  caption reads,
"Tails are wagging and pets are bragging!"
-Image credit to Angel's Pet World
Coco's Heart Dog Rescue logo
-Image credit to Coco's
Heart Dog Rescue
This cause is pretty near and dear to the kiddo's heart.  She's an animal lover, has been since she was tiny, and as she's gotten older I have watched her gravitating toward participation in events focused on animal rescue and care.  Her grandma is a foster provider for the rescued pups with this organization, and the kiddo has attended many an event with her grandma, giving heaps of snuggles to pups of all shapes and sizes awaiting their "fur-ever" homes.  When we decided to get a "pet" dog, we worked with Coco's and watched closely for a pup to join our family--this crafty blind chick has a guide dog, and while she's a HUGE part of our family, her role as a guide requires distinction and some guidelines that differ from our "pet" dog.  We successfully adopted a very BIG, very SCARED, but very SMART Standard Poodle about a month before Christmas and he quickly became our fuzzy Mr. Poodle Boy--I think he likes it here and we love him tons and tons!

As it turns out, this birthday party thing was RIGHT on the radar for both the pet store and rescue organization!  We scheduled the party and now we're in the midst of some serious Crafty Blind Chick preparations over here!  The next few weeks will bring invitation design, crafting favors for the kids to take home, and party decor and activities--all on a budget.  I'm super excited to share these things with you as they are completed!  We're trying SUPER hard to incorporate LOCAL businesses!  We love being able to support local small businesses and organizations, and we're doing our best to involve as many as possible!  For now, here's a glimpse of what our Rescue Pup Party is going to look like!

- Invitations will bear the Coco's Heart logo as well as a description of the party so that attendees are aware of Katie's hopes for this day--which include her asking for no gifts, but for donations to Coco's Heart either by donating dog leashes, collars, food, etc., or by monetary donation.

- The kiddos will get to "adopt" a pup of their choosing when they arrive, receive a collar, leash, name tag, and adoption certificate for their new "fur-ever" friend.

- Since "fur-ever" friends and any party goodies need a home, the kiddos will be able to decorate a dog house for their pup (and goodies!) to take home with them.

- Kids will split into teams and participate in a scavenger hunt within the pet store.  We will purchase the items they pick up during the scavenger hunt and donate them to Coco's Heart.

- Each child will receive a t-shirt to take home and wear, sharing Coco's Heart with their world!

- Both human cake and cupcakes, and pup cakes, are set through Pupcakes & Cupcakes, a local bakery that specializes in amazing treats for people AND their pets!  Many of their goodies can be shipped outside of the Minnesota / Wisconsin area, so if you ever want some super special people and puppy treats--check them out!  We love their work and cannot WAIT to have these treats!

Pupcakes & Cupcakes logo, with a paw print & a cupcake image
-Image credit to Pupcakes and Cupcakes
And the highlight....  Seriously.....

Coco's Heart Dog Rescue will bring a couple of adoptable PUPPIES to meet the kids, and some of the foster care providers to tell the kids what it is Coco's does and how they help save animals, create families, and help our community!  I can't even wait!!!  I mean, who doesn't love PUPPIES!!!!!

But.....  I have to.

Which is ok really, because I have a lot on the good ol' to do list between now and then!  We will send out invitations around April 20th, so you can anticipate a post about those pretties and a party prep update around then if not sooner!

Thanks for following along with our Rescue Pup Birthday Party Planning!

Until next time!

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